Westminster 2018 Farmers' Market

Location:  98th and Sheridan (NW corner/Church of Christ) Westminster Colorado

Time: Saturdays, 9:30am to 1:30pm


  • June 2 through September 29, 2018
  • ***No market on July 14, 2018***

Daily market fees are 10% of gross daily sales, $20 minimum (per 10x10)RETAIL, $30 for non-retail.


Vendor Acceptance - You will be notified by email regarding your acceptance. If you are not accepted to the market, you will be placed on the wait list and receive a refund of your season participation fee.  



Registration Information

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Each vendor must carry and supply a copy of their liability insurance. Each vendor must name Main Street Markets as additional insured. Minimum coverage to participate in the markets must be $1,000,000.00. Vendors who do not currently have insurance can obtain it from any reputable local or online insurance agent. We encourage vendors to shop around for the best rate. Past vendors have recommended The Head Insurance Group (contact: Bryan Head, 303-955-6494) and Arizona Central Insurance (contact: Caleb Bonillas, 520-468-2754). ACT Insurance offers a 90-day policy for $89, which can also be used at other events/fairs during that time period- https://www.actinsurance.com/coverage-details-show-event

Terms & Conditions

Spaces: Each vendor will be assigned a space and we will make every attempt to provide the same location each week. Please be flexible with space assignments. First priority will be given to vendors who can commit to all market days. We are aware that some vendors may need to participate in other events or run double venues. Even so, we are respectfully asking that you participate everyday in the market that you are a member.

Vendor Cancelation - Cancelations for any market day must be given by email to westminstermarket@gmail.com no later than 5pm on the Thursday before the market. Any notice later than that will be considered a "No-Call/No Show" and will result in a $45 fee per 10x10 space. Vendors will not be allowed to setup at the market until fees are paid. More than one No-Call/No Show may result in dismissal from the market.

Tents and Set Ups: Each Vendor is responsible for providing their own tent with appropriate weights for high wind. Sand bags or weights for all four (4) tent posts are required, minimum 20 lbs per tent post. No spiking or drilling is allowed. Vendors without weights will not be permitted to set up. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ADEQUATE WEIGHTS, YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO SET UP.

Set Up and Tear Down: Set Up begins at 8am each Saturday of the event. You must be on site a minimum of 30 minutes prior to opening time. You must be completely set up by 930am. Failure to comply with this will result in a fine of $20. Two of these fines may result in dismissal from the market. If you are late excessively, fail to notify the Market Manager of absences and/or are a no show, this may result in dismissal from the market. A $20 fine may also be imposed to anyone packing up and/or tearing down before the end of the market, even if your product is sold out. NO EXCEPTIONS. Should you have an emergency, please see the Market Manager immediately. These are safety issues and will be strictly enforced. Please be considerate of your fellow vendors. Also, please unload your vehicle promptly, than move it to the designated parking area BEFORE setting up your booth. At the end of the market, you must have all of your belongings and goods removed to your vehicle by 2:30 pm each market day.

Sampling: We strongly encourage sampling by all of our vendors! If you do sample, you must provide a garbage can for any refuse, garbage, etc. used by customers.

Cleanup and Garbage Removal: At the end of each market, you must remove all of your garbage that you generate. This includes any boxes, sampling waste, etc. that you generate during the market. DO NOT PLACE your garbage in the public garbage cans that are provided for customers in the market area (this includes the outdoor eating area). If you bring it, you take it. Failure to comply will result in a $20 fine for each occurrence that must be paid prior to setting up the following week. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Additionally, you are required to pickup and clean your vendor area, removing all debris and garbage from your vendor area after each market day. Failure to comply will result in a $20 fine for each occurrence. Excessive or permanent damage (as assessed by either City of Westminster or Main Street Markets) will result in immediate expulsion in addition to any costs associated with repair, cleanup, or replacement caused by such damage.

Electricity/Cooking Safety: Electricity will not be provided by the market. If cooking on site, you must have all the appropriate fire safety equipment. Some food preparation may need to be moved outside. Outdoor electricity is not guaranteed. You may be required to bring a generator to meet your electrical needs. Generators must be approved prior to use at the market.

Public Health Regulations: All Vendors must comply with all City, County, and State Public Health Regulations as pertaining to their product. (i.e. Vendors that sample any kind of foods or sell foods for immediate consumption must have appropriate washing stations, proper food handling – gloves, proper refrigeration for those food products that apply, etc.)

Tax Apportionment: Vendors are explicitly responsible for all taxes due to the proper taxing authority. Main Street Markets accepts no responsibility for any vendor tax apportionment.

Conduct: All vendors must act in a professional manner at all times during the market. No alcohol, profanity or vulgar/rude behavior will be tolerated. Should a vendor encounter a problem with another vendor or customer, please notify the Market Manager immediately. No “barking” for sales is permitted. Vendors must only sell their products within their designated area. All “Walk-Around” sampling must be approved by the on site market manager. Any vendor may be removed and or expelled from participation in the market at the sole discretion of Main Street Markets for any reason.

Conflicting/Competing Business: A balance of vendors in each product type (industry) is necessary for a strong market. Once a maximum in each industry is reached, all other vendor applicants will be placed on the wait list. Preference is given to those vendors which have participated in past Main Street Markets events. Each vendor is therefore encouraged to submit an application as soon as possible in order to reserve a spot in the market. Applications that fail to include the proper participation fee will not be considered until such fee is paid. If a vendor is on the waiting list and a current participant drops out of the market, the next applicant on the list in that vendor’s field will be considered first. Main Street Markets reserves the right to reject any application.

Out of consideration to the general public, NO PETS will be allowed by vendors. (Service animals are permitted.) NO SMOKING will be allowed by vendors, their representatives, family and/or friends except for in the vendor parking area.

Check the Vendor Resources page on www.arvadafarmersmarket.com for additional questions.

This contract is subject to, and by signing you agree to, all actions and requirements by and of the City of Westminster, in furtherance of the markets.


I hereby indemnify, hold harmless, release and forever discharge Main Street Markets, their employees, agents and the Market Managers from any responsibility, personal liability, claims, loss or damage arising out of, or in conjunction with my participation in all of Main Street Markets Farmers Markets. Main Street Markets, their employees, agents and the Market Managers shall be held harmless from and against any and all liabilities, suits, claims, damages, injuries and actions, theft, costs and expenses of any kind or nature of anyone whatsoever relating to the premises due to or arising out of any act, negligence, or neglect of the vendor, or any of their guests. Vendors assume all liability for their stand (vendor space) and products sold and agree to abide by all city, county, state and federal rules and laws. By signing the application you will be responsible for instructing any and all representatives of you and your business as to the rules and regulations of Main Street Markets and hereby agree to the same.

By submitting an application, I (vendor) hereby agree to this Release.